Introducing Australia’s first interactive craft beer map!

It was sitting in the land of the long white cloud, enjoying a cold beer at Luke’s Kitchen that we first discovered that the Kiwi’s had come up with another bit of genius. Nope it wasn’t the Pavlova, Russell Crowe or Barnaby Joyce, it was the Sip and Scratch New Zealand craft beer map.  We couldn’t let the Kiwi’s have all the fun so we set out to work with the guys in NZ & design one for Australia.


This interactive A2 sized map is a creative fun way to keep track of your craft beer journey. How is it interactive? Well if you look closely at the map, you'll see that there's a gold dot next to each of the breweries. So when you've had a beer from that particular brewery, go ahead and scratch off the gold dot and you'll be able to keep track of your journey.


It’s the perfect gift for any craft beer lover, or as guide for someone getting into craft beer!